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Principal Designer & Founder

+Meet Sharifa Alonzo (aka: zoe)

+ Luxe & Co. Studio was developed by Sharifa Alonzo as a way to focus her efforts on connecting with clientele to effortlessly design, build, and style their dream spaces. As a luxury designer and owner of Luxe + Co. Studio , located in Toronto, Ontario, Sharifa has worked with multiple luxury home developers designing their sales centers and model homes. As for her repertoire in residential, commercial design, and custom home projects she is sought out by homeowners and contractors to create beautiful spaces, and streamline the design process from inception to completion. 

+ Behind the scenes, the Luxe + Co. team is bold and unconventional encompassing innovative designs and solutions. They will work closely with you to help navigate your designs and tailor your space to meet your every need

+ As a graduate from OCAD with a Degree in Environmental Design, Sharifa obtained knowledge and adaptive skills in both worlds of interior and architectural design. With over 10 years experience,Luxe + Co.serves as an all-encompassing studio that offers multiple services to attain your needs. In collaboration with Luxe + Co. Studio she has also created a collection of curated palettes called //luxeco studiobox to help guide your project placing great concepts, designs, and solutions in your hands, as well as a luxury decor line called Makhaus Studio Collection offering an exclusive style of chunky knit weighted blankets.

+ Design tip 101: Plan to create, measure twice or more, then buy and build once. This will save you a whole lot of headaches!


+ My passion(s): I love gutting a space and manipulating the interior to something unimaginable. Art, fashion, and architecture inspires me to create and allow my mind to wonder the endless possibilities.


+ Mom life: If you had asked me if I was prepared for motherhood before I got pregnant I would have told you that I was terrified about the idea of raising a human being, yet I was looking forward to the unwavering experience of unconditional love. I am a single mother of a 2 year old and I must say it is the most gratifying unpaid second career I have ever been blessed with. He has taught me to become selfless, more patient, and how to slow down in life all while opening me up to new experiences daily. He is very busy and most definitley keeps me on my toes. His favourite word is no and he has an amazing car collection and a phenominal imagination. Coming home to him after a long day is the greatest gift.


+ Design style: I appreciate all styles of design but I must say my personal style is a mash up between modern and eclectic with a splash of rustic chic.


+ Favourite drink(s): London fog tea keeps me warm on cold winter day, however
I appreciate a bold red wine – Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon is one of my faves.

Lead Designer

+Meet Samantha Bodogh (aka: sweet sammie)

+ I am a fun, easy going gal who loves to design and play with colours. My passion for interior design started when I was 7 years old and was always changing my room around to try new things. My inspiration started when I saw Sarah Richardson on TV and I remember saying to myself, I want to be like her one day. So that’s when I decided I am going to be an Interior Designer. I Received my Diploma in 2010 from Sheridan College for 3 full years of Interior Design. I have 10 years experience through various areas of design such as working alongside engineers, structural, architectural, decor, kitchen renovations, and home/commercial renovations of new builds. My passion is what drives me to be better everyday.

 + Design tip 101: I love accessories. Less is more when it comes to decorative objects around the house. Choose objects, artwork and photos with personal significance to keep your decorative collection from getting out of hand.

+ My passion(s): Creating and designing interior spaces from scratch. There is something beautiful about a blank canvas coming to life.

+ Mom life: Becoming a mom has been the best gift in life I could ask for. For years I have focused on my career and becoming a well thought of Interior Designer with the Builders in the GTA designing sales centre and model homes. It was all I thought about most of my days on creating new designs, and thinking outside the box. When we found out I was pregnant and I decided to take the year off of my career to focus on family was truly a blessing. My son has taught me so many new things about myself, on how to be more present, and patient, and be in the moment. In the interior design world it was always go go go, fast paced environment and I am happy to have learned to slow down and smell the roses. My son is a wild adventurous boy just like his father and he keeps me on my toes most of my days. He’s a sweet little boy who loves his cars, trucks, and buses and I can not wait for one day to grow our family again.

+ Design style: Modern Country would be my personal favorite as it opens up so many design opportunities. Adding a unique mix of elements from different design styles including hamptons, vintage and industrial as it represents a casual and cosy simple country life.

+ Favourite drink(s): White wine, Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford) is a favourite of mine.

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